Centuries of war define the Kingdom of Arcadie.
Will you allow them to define you?

You are the second-born, second-in-line to the throne.

As Arcadie is set to sign a peace treaty with your age-old enemies, you are put in charge of any future dealings with them.
Today will see you taking the first step towards a new destiny, and perhaps a new future for your Kingdom.

Carve a place for yourself in a world that has disregarded you for too long. Be the force of reason that your Kingdom needs, or perpetuate Arcadie's reputation as a force of destruction. Find love and weave friendships, or cast it all away for the sake of retribution.

Will you put the Realm's interests before your own, or will you precipitate it down the path of another century of war?


Create and customize your character: male or female; gay, straight, or bisexual.

  • Interact with a cast of vivid, fleshed-out characters.
  • Experience naturally-evolving romance; steamy, sweet, passionate, or even thoroughly ill-advised.
  • Define your personality through your choices and actions. Will you be friendly and conciliatory, a wisecracking charmer, or will you antagonize anyone who would dare approach you?
  • Learn about the mystical power wielded by your ancestors, and perhaps even tame it for yourself.
  • Be a peerless warrior, or make knowledge your most powerful weapon.
  • Will you strive for peace, or demand blood be spilt?

CONTENT WARNING: Violence, character death, non-explicit descriptions of blood and injuries, mentions and use of alcohol, optional sexual content. Arcadie: Second-Born is intended for a mature audience.

This is a demo. The full game is available on:

Also available on

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Hi! I just finished the demo and I absolutely loved it. How much longer is the full game? I'm so immersed in this story already and I plan to buy it once I'm able.

Hi, I'm from Brazil and I'd like to buy it on my phone, but it is not available for my country at Google play store. Is there any way I can get the game?

I just bought this on mobile! I'm excited to play the whole game!!


I loved playing this so much, whole demo made me forget about the world around me instantly and I had to buy full version on Steam. One of the best works on itch.io, no doubt and I would eagerly spend my money on any game you would release in future. Thank you for your work!


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)


that was brilliant, way more than i ever expected. i'm in a loss of words. 

it's a micro-scale game of thrones where you can mold your character's ideals, political inclinations, feelings and appearance to your liking, making them act exactly how you want them to, all while they still overflow with personality. the story is well-written, intriguing and engaging as hell, the choices have true consequences, the characters are interesting and the politics are believable!

it was particularly interesting for me to play, since our main character is a prince, born from a tyrant lineage, and i'm a literal socialist – if i was living this conflict, i most probably would've wanted the prince's head myself. 

so, to make the most of my playthrough, i made my character very attached to his family, specially his dad and sister; a lover of politics and knowledge; not so good at fighting; an "idealist", as the game would call; and in love with the guy whose ideals were the opposite of his ♡. i wanted him to be at a constant conflict between grief, revenge and empathy, understanding and even agreeing with the other side, while also being pushed by his pain and his love for his sister to want to support her and regain power. i also made him a whore, but that's not the point.

as you can see, "making most of my playthrough" means making it the more chaotic and hard i could, lol. 

and the game allowed me to do all of that!!!!!! the amount of work the devs must've put into the game for this to work, goddammit!

i have way more to say, but i'll leave it here and dwell into spoilers later – like, i loved this game sm, i HAVE to talk about it! it's a primal need!!! the thing is already 7 hours long and i wish it was even bigger!

for now, i'll be replaying the game, changing my character's personality and goals, making everything lesbian instead of gay and watching the chaos unfold <3


Maybe you get this a lot, are you working on a part two of Arcadie: Second-born? From what I remember it seemed like you'd set the ending up for a second story?

If not that's cool, awesome story nonetheless.



Arcadie: Second-Born was written as a standalone, but I have started working on a sequel. If you like, you can follow my progress on my blog.


is there any chance of this game becoming available on the apple play store? Great game and hope you continue to make amazing works of art like this!

Hello and thank you! :)

I don't plan on publishing the game on the App Store for the time being (I'd need to purchase a Mac, among other drawbacks).


Your novel and some of the other lgbt Novels inspired me to write a new book or maybe two 😊 please write more. Your novel is my favorite 😊

Thank you so much! Good luck with your novel! :)


Are there/ will there be plans for a sequel?

Also, to anyone else reading, the full version is completely worth it. 


I agree. Just finished playing the full version. It was an amazing experience, and I too wish for it to have a sequel.

I three wish for it to have a sequel!

How long would you say a single play through would take of the full game?

I'm not sure how to answer that, to be honest. It varies depending on the choices you make, the path you take, your reading speed, whether you take your time or fly through it... 

It isn't the longest of games, though, if that's what you're asking. I wanted to tell a tightly paced story, with no fluff or extraneous subplots. Only you can tell if that would be to your taste or not.


Personally, my first full run took around 4 to 5 ish hours, but I have a fast reading speed, so it could be a bit slower for others.

How much more content does the full version bring?



The demo contains abount 30% of the full game's word count.


i definitely say its worth it!

please I’m begging you, add the full version.


Hello, the full version is available on Steam and Google Play.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2196980/Arcadie_SecondBorn/

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arcadieutopie.arcadiesecondbor...


Definitely a very fun and enjoyable game, I hope you are taking your time with a sequel because this was a masterpiece

Finally tried this out and thoroughly enjoyed it! Can't decide which one was my fav, but would love for N to be an option too. 😅


read thru the demo kinda quick and this is probs the fastest I have ever decided to buy something. I'm gonna finish this later when I have the attention span to enjoy the full thing properly


10/10 😁

Didn't finish the full version but i can say i cried in some parts

(1 edit) (+3)

I love it! Though I find it funny on how my name is Elsie and Cyril's sister's name is Elise. XD


Aha that must be confusing at times 😂

i bought the game a little over a year ago, best visual novel type thing i've ever played, all i want is more worldbuilding, always love more of that thing, even though it's probably awful to make.




Hello, the full version is available on Steam and Google Play.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2196980/Arcadie_SecondBorn/

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arcadieutopie.arcadiesecondbor...

how do i get with cyril


bro i love games like this especial this one


The only thing I can say is....


Bought the game on steam, got about 2 hours of play time and now the game won't load 😭 just creates a blank window. Tried uninstalling and re installing, everything's up to date. Any suggestions???

That's strange, the blank window thing happens either on old Windows versions or if your anti virus decides to block the game. Have you tried uninstalling, restarting your PC, then reinstalling? Disable your anti virus to be safe. 

If it still doesn't work, please ask for a refund through Steam. 


I played the full game and I absolutely love  Cyril! 


I really enjoyed playing this, great story and writing, amazing characters. It was worth the spend. 

One question I have about the story though, what happens to the Arcadie bloodline if you choose to romance someone the same gender as you? 

If you 'adopted' then they wouldn't have the royal Arcadie blood and would have trouble handling your family's artifacts, or potentially having the Gift. On the other hand, I doubt your chosen RO would very much appreciate if you had an heir by 'other means'. Even if they let you, wouldn't that child be illegitimate? I suppose royalty could have the power to legitimise whoever they wanted, or does that not matter in this story? 

Anyway, sorry for the slight tangent. The thought came across my mind and was bothering me ever since.

Like I said before, this is a great game and I had a lot of fun playing it. You did a great job, and thank you! 


Will there ever be a mobile version? 😥

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I played the full game recently and absolutely loved it, I felt interested in the story and characters, found myself liking Cyril in particular, it felt like they actually cared for my character as a person and not just because they were royalty, all in all I enjoyed the game and hope there will be a sequel to it!

Keep up the Great work! 


I played this game before the release on steam and I just finished the full release last night. I have to say I hadn't expected it to be as long as it was, it took me like six hours to finish. It was also very good, I have played a lot of if's and this is probably in my top ten. Good job!


bruh i cried while eating some chips 


Bought this on steam; one of the better purchases that I've made! Thank you for this wonderful game! 


Will there be mobile purchase? Because I refuse to create a Steam account just for this.


Just played this on Steam all I gotta say is this; We don't stan Stan


Thank you very much for the release in Steam! And also thank you for this wonderful story! I really want to continue to reveal even more lore, further continuation of the relationship with the chosen RO and, in principle, Gift info! :D 


hello! I was just wondering, is there any way to purchase the full game on mobile? My laptop was sent in for repairs and won't be available until after Christmas, but I cannot wait any longer to play the game. Even though it is just 4 days. 

Hello! No, not yet. Merry Christmas in advance :)

Is it possible to purchase through itch or only Steam? 

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I find the full game a bit linear at times, but the way we can "customize" our protagonist as different events occur around us realy incredible. I found it very fantastic how "naturally" I transformed my good-hearted boy who only wanted peace into a tyrant driven by revenge who was ready to kill anyone who said no to my actions. (Much like our older sister, by the way, when my MC was put in her shoes, i could understand her actions, not for nothing did i act in the same way, no, it is safe to say that i was much worse than her in the second half of the game.)

Overall I found the game to be a fantastic experience!

Very well done, Author!

And speaking of Ariana, is it possible to change her fate in the invasion, or is it really impossible?


I'm really hoping for a sequel that can expand the minor romances. I really loved playing this


I loved every moment of this. The writing was amazing, the story totally got me and the characters were so rich.

And this has so much replaying capabilities!

Totally worth getting on Steam


I just thought I would say that this is totally worth getting. I loved the game and the writing was amazing. I loved the characters. To include the big sister. She was so driven and intense.

I romanced Wilfred and it was really, really great. I went with a slow-burn shy MC who was crushing on him from the get-go and it'll be really hard not to go for him again when I play it for the second time. It's got the dramas without being childish and fantastic progression. It just comes off as incredibly natural with how and when the relationship starts to become something deeper.

And Nathaniel? He's so interesting I almost swapped ships.

The writing? It flows perfectly, makes sense, had great descriptions and I never had any clue as to where the story was going to go. I WISH I could write this good.

I know some people might prefer getting it here but it's really worth it to get on steam. I recommend it. 10/10.

Looking forward to more content from this creator! :)


I know I shouldn't but Nathaniel *Chef's kiss* I am sucker for a wolfish grin. Also, I wish I could explore more with Nathaniel and Anafel (sp?). I have played and replayed multiple times and routes. I really do hope there is a sequel! Loved it!

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